Social Media Management

Boost brand awareness and generate buzz with weekly social postings.

​Making Social Media Management Easy 

Did you know that 93% of shoppers' buying decisions are influenced by social media? Most business owners recognize that being active on social is not only essential for staying in touch with customers, but also for growing revenue.

Managing your social networks, however, is a lot of work. It takes time, resources, and social media expertise that most local business owners don’t have.

Put Stress to Rest

With our Social Marketing solution, you’ll gain the social exposure your business needs, improve customer engagement, and increase web traffic—all at the same time while barely lifting a finger.

Brand Awareness

Enjoy a steady stream of content with professionally written posts each week to your business’ social media accounts.

Generate Leads

Posts to social media profiles can generate buzz among your best customers

Track Performance

Get important stats that provide insights into your social profiles for better content strategy and customer engagement.

Our Promise to You

We're a small business with a mission for defending the American Dream by helping other small and medium businesses reach their goals.

Your business needs will always come before our need to impress. When your business succeeds, so does ours.

To ensure we support your goals the best way possible, we promise you:

  • We will never sell you anything we don't think you need to reach your goals
  • We will never hold your assets, your website, or your data "hostage"
  • We will always be transparent with data and reports—whether good or bad.

Not sure which of our services is right for you? Reach out today and we'll provide our recommendation for where to start.

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Relic Media is a digital marketing, content, and strategy agency located in Mid-Michigan. Our mission for the last decade has been to defend the American Dream by helping other small and medium businesses reach their customers and their goals online.

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